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Product Objects - Supplier Products

To create an attachment association under a product, the following required (*) fields must be completed:




Name of the supplier that provides the product

Supplier Product Manager

Individual representing the customer who is responsible for managing the product

Supplier Product Number

Code that uniquely identifies the product

Supplier Product Name

Common name for the product

The following/all other values on the supplier products screen are optional:



Supplier Location

Supplier location from which the product is delivered

Relationship with Supplier

Risk Assess relationship under which the product is being provided by the supplier


Indicator of whether the product is active and available to the application workflow

Version Number

Number assigned in increasing order that corresponds to new developments in the product

Last Order Date

Date the most recent order was placed for the product


Primary language with which the supplier communicates

Date Active

Date the product is available for use

Date Inactive

Date product expires or is no longer available for use

Yearly Spend

Estimated annual cost for the product

Primary Country of Origin

Main country from which the product/part is shipped

Allocation Percent

Percentage of total product provided by this particular supplier relative to other suppliers

Warranty Type

Category of warrant (assurance of quality) on the product that defines the supplier’s liability for addressing any issued with the product; for example: lifetime, extended, for a fixed number of years, etc.

To add a product to a supplier product, click the Product tab and then the specific product to which a supplier product will be added.

RA - Supplier product 1.png

Scroll to the Supplier Products section of the Product page and click the Add button.

RA - Supplier product 2.png

Complete the required fields, as well as any optional fields preferred.

Click the Save button to save the supplier product. Or, click the Cancel button to return to the Product detail page.

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