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Product Objects - User Defined Objects (UDOs)

User Defined Objects (UDOs) provide the capability to define customer specific objects for tracking and organizing program results and custom data elements on the product record.

To create an instance of a UDO association under a product, click the Product tab and then the specific product to which a UDO instance will be added.

RA - UDO 1.png

Scroll to the associated UDO section and click the Add button to view the UDO management page.

RA - UDO 2.png

Complete the required fields, as well as any optional fields preferred.

Click the Save button to save the instance of a UDO. Or, click the Cancel button to return to the Product detail page.

Following are important points to keep in mind as it pertains to a UDO association under a product:

  • Required data elements are defined by the configuration of the user defined fields that are associated with the UDO. If the user defined field is configured as being required, this field is also required when populating the UDO.
  • In order to be able to update values in UDOs using the UDO import, a unique key must be identified (either an existing field in the record that won’t change over time or a reference key that is created for the UDF) by configuring on or more fields that uniquely identifies the record as “Display in Grid.”
    • Display in Grid is a checkbox indicator of whether the field should be available to the Columns list on the management page for the associated object type (Inactive fields are not available for Display in Grid) for the purpose of performing a search
  • Administrator privileges are required to create new user defined objects