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Risk Assess Product Visualization

Product visualization provides a graphical representation for the product record and its associated objects. A hierarchical diagram is rendered for the product that can be traversed to view the details for each of the child nodes in the tree. Product visualization is available from the product record.

To view the product visualization, click the Product tab and then a specific product. You will see that specific Product detail page.

RA - Product Visualization 1.png

Click the Visualization (HiVI) icon at top right of the Product page. A new window opens to display the Visualization, with the product as the top node in the graphic

RA - Product Visualization 2.png
Click the Expand icon to view the details of visualization within the relationship.

RA - Product Visualization 3.png

Each object associated with the product is represented by a child node in the diagram.

RA - Product Visualization 4.png

Select the Close button to exit the visualization and return to the product record.

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