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Coupa Success Portal

Program Workbench

The Program Workbench is used to enroll suppliers, candidate suppliers, relationships, engagements, supplier locations and relationship locations in enterprise programs including information management programs. 

Relationship-based programs do not use the program workbench.

Accessing the Workbench

The workbench can be accessed in two ways:

  • Programs tab – any enterprise program (compliance, performance, risk, information management or robo) > click the Program Workbench icon RA - Program Workbench icon.png

  • Any Enterprise program - Program Workbench

Click on either the Program Workbench icon or Program Workbench button. The Program Workbench page displays. This is where the user has the ability to search and assign suppliers, candidate suppliers, relationships, engagements, supplier locations and relationship locations. 

Enrolling an Object in an Enterprise Program

Search for Objects to Enroll

  1. To search and enroll suppliers, candidate suppliers, relationships, engagements, supplier locations and relationship locations, click the appropriate links under the grid: Supplier Search, Relationship Search, and Engagement Search.  Clicking any of these links enables the search panel.  NOTE: The search links are replaced with Close Search Panel link.  Click this link under the grid to close the search panel.  

  2. Enter any of the criteria displayed for the object in the appropriate fields, and use the next to each criterion at any time to start the search process.

  3. Once a result is found from the search, check the checkbox next to the correct supplier/relationship/engagement and click Add (or check Select All and click Add to add every object on the current results page in the results section).  This object is now enrolled in the program and displays in the grid at the top of the page.

Enroll Objects

  1. Enrollment is used to enroll new objects in a specific program and/or to edit existing program enrollment details including enrollment type, internal and external evaluators/managers, status and next launch date.  The Enrollment page is accessed by clicking the New button on the Enrollment section displayed on the Program Management page, or by clicking the object name or Enrollment icon RA - Enrollment icon.png located on the Program Workbench.

  2. From the enrollment page, enter (or click Edit to change) the enrollment parameters described in 4. above. 

  3. Click Save to save the enrollment details. 

  • Status indicates the status of the enrollment.  
    • Active indicates that the enrollment is active and ready for an evaluation to be launched.
    • Inactive indicates that the enrollment is not ready for an evaluation to be launched.
    • Complete is for one time programs only and indicates that the enrolled object has completed its one time enrollment.
    • Error indicates that the evaluation encountered an error condition on launch.
  • Program Status indicates the status of any currently running evaluations.  Please refer to the Designing and Building Programs – Program Design Considerations – Administering Programs- Program Status  section of this document for a detailed description of program status.
  • When an auto-enrolled program is to be canceled, it needs to be un-enrolled from the program workbench AND deleted from the program launch section of the program admin tab. Deleting the enrolled program from the program launch changes the enrollment status to inactive and ANY change to the object on which the rule was based will trigger off the re-launch of the program.
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