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Programs - Prerequisites and Other Helpful Hints

Following is additional information pertaining to requirements and other auxiliary details for programs:

  • All required fields must be completed in order to save or activate a program.
  • The “Use Corp Calendar” checkbox option on the specific Program details page, allows the user to set the program calendar to something other than the standard calendar. The corporate calendar is defined first in the administration tab in the section of the screen called “Company Information Management.” The corporate calendar feature allows the user to define a calendar that is consistent with their company’s fiscal calendar.
  • A supplier user can add the supplier self-launch programs widget to their dashboard. If the customer has granted their suppliers the ability to launch programs to themselves, then the supplier will see that program(s) in the widget, and can launch the program at will. Customers grant access in Step 1 of the Program Wizard by selecting the “Enable Launch Request button option. Access is granted on a program-by-program basis. Any program that has this option selected will be visible in the supplier widget.
  • Program workflow respects the expiry date unless the “Run Inactive Objects” option is checked on page 1 of the program wizard under Performance Type options.
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