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Viewing Program History and Status

Program history provides a complete record of the execution of the program including all statuses, reports and change logs that are associated to a specific program.  The user also has the ability to reopen a closed evaluation.  

Each assessment launched from a program definition becomes a program history object. You can determine the timing and status of any assessment, completed or in process, by clicking on its program history record in the Program History section under the program definition.

How to View Program History and Status

Select Program

The Program History section can be accessed in two ways:

  • Enrollment page for enterprise programs 

  • Program Management page for active relationship-based programs.  

Select Enterprise Program
  1. Select the program definition from the Program tab by selecting the enterprise program and scrolling down to the enrollment section and selecting the enrolled entity (supplier, relationship, engagement) for which you want to view the program history. 

  2. The enrollment detail page will display.

Select Relationship Program
  1. Select the relationship either from the Relationship tab, or by selecting the supplier to whom the relationship is attached and scrolling down to the relationship section and selecting the relationship for which you want to view the program history by clicking on the relationship name.

  2. Scroll down to the Programs section select the desired program. The Program Management page will display.

View History

  1. Scroll down to the Program History section. Click on the name of any program history record.

  2. The assessment: including ratings, scores, comments, and other elements of the assessment; is displayed.

View Status

Once an evaluation has launched a user is able to view the status of that evaluation by using the program status link located in the Program History section of the program record.    

  1. Click on the Status link. A list of all participants in the evaluation and their status is displayed.

Once the Program Status page displays, click each step (stoplight) to display that step's status and details.  Each step is color-coded depending on the status.

View Report Chart
  1. Click on the Report link. The Program Report Card is displayed.

View Change Log
  1. Click on the Change Log link. A detailed log of all changes to the assessment by user and date is displayed.

Reopen Evaluation
  1. Click on the Reopen link. The approval will then be open on the Relationship Manager’s dashboard, they will be able to override the appropriate line items, enter comments, and approve the evaluation.

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