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Action Plans

Action plans are created in Risk Assess to communicate and document issues that require remediation by a supplier in a give timeframe, in order for the supplier to be compliant with their contract or other agreements that may be in place with the customer. Customers also utilize action plans to request information and artifacts from suppliers and/or internal users.

Use Case

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) for an application is 99.9999 uptime (the time during which a computer or software program, for example, is in operation). The Supplier’s application is consistently at 80 uptime. The customer issues an Action Plan requiring the Supplier to provide an RCA in their plan to address this. Progress is tracked as part of the overall supplier review process. The Supplier provides updates on their success towards achieving 99.9999. If the Supplier does not show improvement in the allotted time period, then they may lose the contract.

Action plans can be created on entire programs (both relationship-based and enterprise) or for specific line items within a program that require attention. Action plans can be initiated from the program workbench or from within the scorecard during the review and approval process.

Within the Action Plan Wizard, the user must complete all required fields of the current page before proceeding to the next page. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

Action plans can be created on suppliers, relationships, program history for both enterprise and relationship programs, and from within the evaluation and approval scorecards.


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