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Coupa Success Portal

Reports Tab

The application’s reporting engine feature displays all of the accessible reports that the user has permissions to view. Users can select whether they want to search and view reports via a Grid screen or via a Report Tile screen. Additionally, from this tab, reports can be created, edited, viewed, or scheduled.

RA - Reports 1.png

The application will remember the last screen preference selected by the user in this Tile or Grid screen. However, the user can change that preference at any time while navigating the screen.

Grid Access Screen

The grid screen offers quick access to search and select reports.

RA - Reports 2.png

The reports grid provides quick access to search and select reports and provides access to the functions that can be performed on each report based upon user permissions.

  • View: Opens the report viewer, displays the report and provides the ability to dynamically add or remove fields.
  • Schedule: Provides the ability to define a schedule for running the report at specific intervals.
  • Secure: Provides the ability to configure the security options for each individual report.
  • Edit: Opens the report designer and provides the ability to edit the report.
  • Delete: Permanently removes the report from the system.  Deleting the report does not allow for recovery.
  • Print: Opens the browser print dialog box and provides the ability to print the report.

Icons that are grayed out indicate that the user does not have permission to take the given action on the report.

Sticky Grid functionality is not currently supported in this screen.


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