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Reports - Tile Access Screen

The report tiles provide the ability to view the reports available within specific categories, in tile format. Tile color indicates report type: blue for standard, green for custom.

RA - Tile Access 1.png

Each tile provides access to the functions that can be performed on each report based upon user permissions.

  • View: Opens the report viewer, displays the report and provides the ability to dynamically add or remove fields.
  • Edit: Opens the report designer and provides the ability to edit the report.
  • Delete: Permanently removes the report from the system. Deleting the report does not allow for recovery.
  • Secure: Provides the ability to configure the security options for each individual report.
  • Schedule: Provides the ability to define a schedule for running the report at specific intervals.

Icons that are grayed out indicate that the user does not have permission to take the given action on the report.

Finding/Viewing a Report

The left navigation menu on the reports tab provides three ways to find reports. To view or run an existing report, click on the appropriate report tile and the Report Viewer will display.

Navigate into the Tile screen and all report tiles (for which the user has permission to see) are displayed when the category selection at the-left hand side of the screen is set to “All.”

If the report cannot be loaded within 45 seconds, then a popup window displays with a message stating that the report will be sent to the Document Locker. Once the report has finished running, a CSV data-extract of that report is loaded into the document locker and the user receives an email notification that the report is ready to be downloaded.

The user has two options of accessing the document locker:

  • The Document Locker button on the left side of the Reports page
  • The Document Locker link in the user Profile menu

To allow the report to finish and not transfer to the Document Locker, the user can click the “X” on the top right of the Document Locker popup window. Doing so will result in running the report until it is finished.

Search for a report

The user can search for [a] specific report[s] using the Reports Filter functionality within the tiles format. To accomplish this, click the Filter button to filter the listing of report tiles based on some custom filter criteria. Clicking the Filter button displays the “Search” field.

RA - Tile Access 2.png

Enter filter criteria into the Search field and indicate via checkbox the filter field(s) preferred to apply the search criteria. Users can filter by Report Name, Description, Report Owner, and Create Date. The filtered set of tiles is displayed.

Following are important bullet points pertaining to searching for a report:

  • For the report Owner searches, users can search on fragments of the user’s first name and last name. Searching by the owner username will not return results based on that criterion.
  • Click the corresponding tile for the specific report preferred to view (The report displays).
  • Only those reports that the user has permission to view are included in the filtered list.

Find by Category 

All reports are organized by the report category that is assigned at the time the report is created.

To find a report by category within the tile format, click on a category name to filter the report tile listing to only those reports in a particular category.

RA - Tile Access 3.png

The report tiles displayed on the right side of the screen are only the reports in the accessed category.

RA - Tile Access 4.png

Click the specific report tile preferred to view and display the report.

Find by recently viewed reports

If the user recently worked with a specific report, then a link to the report will appear under the “Recent” listing on the left hand side of the Reports tile screen. To display the report, click on the report name.

RA - Tile Access 5.png

Legacy Reports

For customers leveraging the Legacy reporting system, reports can be accessed via the Legacy Reports button.

Click the View Legacy Reports button to display the Legacy Reporting grid.

RA - Tile Access 6.png

Please refer to the View Report page for a detailed description of viewing a report.

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