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Updating budget lines via spend from external systems


For customers who use Coupa to track budgets there may be spend in external applications that needs to be accounted for in Coupa budgets so that spend can be managed accurately.  For instance if a customer is doing cost center based budgeting but spend against that cost center can happen both in Coupa and external applications then budget line needs to be reflected appropriately to represent spend from both of those channels.  This ensures that spend in Coupa is approved and viewed against true budget amount that encompasses all of the spend done against it.

Below are options for Coupa budgets to be updated with external spend numbers.

Option 1

Updates to budget line amounts via budget API or CSV flat file:

  • Perform API GET on Coupa budget line to get current budget amount out of Coupa.  See here for budget API documentation
  • Calculate transaction impact in external system and add or subtract from Coupa budget amount to identify new budget amount that should be allocated to Coupa budget line
  • Perform API PUT on Coupa budget line to update above amount

Ex.   Coupa budget amount = $100,000.  External system transaction spend occurred for $1000.  New updated amount in Coupa should be $99,000.

API GET on budget line to get Amount $100,000 from Coupa

API PUT on Coupa budget line to update Amount to $99,000


Option 2

Updates to budget line amounts via transactions CSV import

  • Bring in transactions via invoice CSV inbound into Coupa so that budget lines are impacted accordingly.  See here for invoice inbound CSV format
  • Requires consideration around handling matching and auto-approvals along with content of invoice data being posted and impact on outbound invoice integration



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