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Refreshing Sandbox Instance to Mirror Production Data and Configuration

Refreshes from production to test and dev environments are routinely requested by customers during major release upgrade test validations. Refresh enables copy of data and configuration to allow for prod like testing or training in test environments. If you need assistance with a similar request, please let us know by filing a ticket and we will assist. It is recommended to request refreshes only in the case of major release upgrade preview and validation in test environments or if any new integration objects are built and testing needs to happen with prod like config and data. Below we outlined the impact of refreshing a test instance with production data.

  • Refresh deletes all test transactions and transfer over all production transactions. This includes requisitions, POs, invoices and receipts.
  • Functional data such as approvals, accounts, users, suppliers, etc. are migrated to override the data in test to mirror production site.
  • We remove any XML or email transmission info on supplier records with dummy emails to prevent any notifications going out from the test environment.
  • CSN supplier links do not come even though you'll still see status of Linked in supplier table
  • All data in the test environment is over-written. Any sensitive data like P-cards, API Keys, etc. is also reset before being moved from production to test.
  • Since API Keys are reset that also means that any integrations set up in environment that is getting refreshed also need to be reset post refresh
  • All custom field mapping setups for integrations will come over from source and overwrite setups in target refreshed instance
  • SSO URLs in Setup-Security Controls are cleared and need to be reset
  • Analytics module connected to test environment needs to be re-linked
  • We replace all users' email addresses with a generic email address. Prod passwords are also disabled. This eliminates any confusions between notifications going out to users' emails in prod and test environments. Support specialist will reset your user record with valid email and generate a new password generation notification
  • All notifications are turned off on the instance following the refresh. (email approvals, reports, etc) Please request that these be re-enabled once you are ready.
  • Source system's release gets copied to target system. Please plan accordingly to account for possible release change in target system and request an upgrade after refresh, if needed.
  • Images, custom PO templates, attachments do not come over on refresh.  You'll need to re-load any of these documents if required for specific testing
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