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Invoice Custom Field Enhancement

What's the issue?

Invoice Custom Fields Enhancement detailed information.

What version does it affect?

Starting in Release 20

What are the steps to resolve the problem?

There are two new changes to Invoice custom Fields.

1. The Invoice Header fields "Chart of Accounts" and "Currency" will now default from the Buying Teams User's Set Chart of Account and Currency (on their user profile)

This is only for internally created invoices that are keyed in by the buying team and a default value has to be on the User's profile.

2. Invoice Line custom fields "Text" and "Lookup" can now default their values from a custom field that is created on the User's Profile.

A custom field on the User's profile has to be created before you can default your Invoice Line Level "Text" or "Lookup" custom field.

What was the root cause of the problem?

Release 20 New Feature