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Invoice Inbox: handling unknown senders and AP senders


By default, we block the creation of invoices from an unknown sender.  Often times AP users receive emails from the supplier and need to forward these emails to the inbox. When they do this the AP user may be defined as an unknown sender and the inbox entry cannot be created directly from the inbox.


We have 2 ways to address this issue:


  1. AP Supplier: The AP user emails are all assigned to a single supplier record. Something like AP Supplier. I would then create a submission blocker so that none of these invoices can be submitted until the supplier information is updated.
  2. Setup_Key: There is a setup key that can be enabled to 'Allow Create Option for Unknown Senders'. This is broad setting [support only] that changes the base functionality and adds the Create option to all inbox entries.

With either of these options enabled the ability to assign an email or domain to the Supplier is not changed. Using this is still preferred as it will help default the supplier information on the invoice. Since this isn't always possible it may be beneficial to use one of the above options too.