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Product Component Definitions - When Creating A Support Ticket

Support Component Definitions

When creating a new ticket for support, selecting which product component that the question or issue falls under, can sometimes be confusing.  Here is a brief definition of each main component.


Coupa Analytics.  This component is NOT for "Perfect Insight", "Reporting" or "AI Classification"

Contracts - CLM

Contracts, Contract Collaboration, Executive Summary and DocuSign


This is a very big component and will include a lot of the company setup section within Coupa; 

Users, Groups, Commodities, Roles, Content Groups, Approvals, Delegations, UOM, Custom Fields, COA and Lookups, Translations, Billing Account, Budgets, Currency, Taxes, Payment and Shipping Terms.

Coupa Sourcing Optimization - CSO

This component is just for CSO - Coupa Sourcing Optimization - Formerly known as Trade Extensions


This is more of an internal Component - Can be selected by Coupa Engineers for background or search related issues.


Expense reports, Expense Approval Chains, Expenses Configurations, Trip Planner, Wallet and Credit Card Feed


ERP related, Boomi, Custom Scripts, Flat File, sFTP,  Flow and Netsutie


Asset Tags, Receiving and Quick Receipts, Warehouse, Pick Lists, Cycle Counts and On-Hand Balances


Invoice Inbox, Invoice Presentation, Invoice Flow and Status, Invoice Approval Chains, Invoice Compliance, Invoice Taxes and Invoice Tolerances


If the issues occur ONLY on a mobile device and not in the UI of the software (via a desktop browser)  Including; Login Issues, Data Issues, Configurations Issues, and Notifications.


This component will handle for Requisition and Purchase Order related issues. Including; Receiving, Airbrakes, Workflow or Status, Configurations, Approval chains, and Change Requests or Revisions. 


SSO related issues, questions or setup - as well as other connection-related protocols

Service Unavailable/System Slowness

System down, intermittent or slow.

Invoice Smash

Invoice Smash questions, issues or configuration.


Configuration, Login problems, Password Reset, Time Out/Performance and Upload/Download issues.


Any Supplier Related Questions or Issues.  Including; Punchout, cXML/API, Catalogs, TLS/SSL, SIM, SAN and all CSP/CSN (Coupa Supplier Portal)

Support Portal help

Add User to Support Portal, Change Designated Coupa Admin, Documentation or Site Access Error or Permission or Login Problems.


Home Page Browsing or Dashboard Issues.

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