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Relationship Between Tax Registrations and Chart of Accounts


What are Tax Registrations?

A Tax Registration is a type of object. It defines the relationships of the data elements Tax ID Number, the Supplier getting taxed, and the specific Country receiving the tax.


What is a Chart of Accounts?


A Chart of Accounts (COAs) is another type of object. COAs define relationships between the object Tax Registration, other objects, and data elements (like Enterprise, Account Segments, Billing Contact).



How Does a Tax Registration Affect COAs?


When you have an object relationship that is enabled on a Chart of Accounts, like Tax Registration, the nature of the enabled object can cause a filter of available data elements on the Chart of Accounts.


You will note that there is no Tax Registration object relationship defined on the COAs that have a list of all countries for tax registrations.  Conversely, there are tax registration relationships enabled on the COAs that are defaulting the Tax Registration to US.