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Coupa Success Portal

Supplier Accessible E-Invoicing Channels

What are Supplier Accessible E-Invoicing Channels?

On the Supplier Record, there is a section summarizing invoices received via different channels.



This total will differ from the total number of invoices associated with the Supplier, if there have been any invoices submitted other than the methods:

  • -       cXML
  • -       sFTP
  • -       API
  • -       Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)
  • -       Supplier Actionable Notification (SAN)
  • -       Email via Invoice Inbox

These methods are the only methods that are summarized in this data.  They are calculated at a default look-back of 12 months, as that is the maximum look-back timeframe.  The totals are updated daily.  Invoices submitted manually on the UI are not included in these totals.