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Coupa Success Portal

Smart Onboarding of Suppliers in the CSP


Previously, the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) onboarding process did not provide enough guidance to suppliers on what CSP areas they need to act on based on their needs and those of their customers. In this release, we want to give suppliers a dynamic, guided, clear, context-relevant, and customer-branded onboarding experience tailored to their relationship with their customers. Customers can now create customized welcome messages for suppliers that join the CSP. We also provide an onboarding flow unique to the customer-supplier relationship to ensure that suppliers are ready to transact with their customers right away.

This feature was a top Coupa Community item.

​How it works ​


This feature is on by default. You can disable/enable it in the Supplier section on the Setup > Company Setup > Company Information page by deselecting/selecting the Enable customer branded supplier on-boarding checkbox. For more information, see The Company Information Page.

Set up a welcome message for suppliers 

The Supplier Instructions section on the Setup > Company Setup > Company Information page is moved to Setup > Suppliers > Supplier Instructions. For more information, see The Company Information Page.

In addition to supplier instructions for invoices, POs, and sFTP accounts, you can also create welcome messages for your new suppliers. The suppliers can see your welcome message on the CSP registration page when they accept your invitation to join the CSP. 


You can create a new welcome message only if there are no active welcome messages.

The welcome message includes a default message that you can customize and the option to add your company logo. By default, the suppliers can see the logo that you provided in Coupa, but you can choose a different image for them to see in the CSP.


You can also see a preview of your message.

The welcome message is shown to your suppliers only when they register for the CSP. If you want to provide links for training material or content, use the other instruction types that are permanently displayed on the relevant page(s) of the CSP.

You can edit or deactivate active supplier instructions from the Actions column.

Only one welcome message can be active at a time.


You can see this feature only if your customer(s) enabled it.

When you register or log in to the CSP to do business with a new customer, you are guided through the following elements of an onboarding flow to provide your customer with the necessary information: welcome message, basics, payment, and profile.

Some elements of the onboarding flow, for example, fields for invoicing setup and bank information for payment, are available only if you are based in the US, that is, your selected country/region is the United States. If you are not a US-based supplier, only the basics and profile elements, and the payment discount preferences settings are available.

You can provide this data when setting up legal entities after onboarding.

Welcome message

If you join the CSP from a customer-created invitation, you can see a welcome message from your customer on the new registration page.


Your customer can customize the welcome message and add their logo, so the message might be different from the one shown above.

For more information, see Register for the CSP and Create Your Account.

If you are already registered to the CSP, you can see the welcome message also when you log in for the first time from a new customer-created invitation.


For more information, see Log in to the CSP.


Clicking on the Get Started or Continue button takes you to the Tell us about your business page where you can provide your basic information.

Providing your address is required.

Click on the Info (info_icon.png) icon to learn more about the fields.

Fill in the following fields: Company Name (registered company name to be displayed on your invoices), Website, Country/Region, Address Lines 1-2, City, State, and Postal Code.

Name and address fields are pre-populated if your customer already has the information from you in their supplier record, or if you are already registered to the CSP to transact with other customers and provided the information in your profile. You can also choose to update these fields.

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

If you are not a US-based supplier, at the bottom of the page you are informed that you are All set for now. On your first invoice with <customer name> , we will guide you through your legal entity setup.

If you are a US-based supplier, after providing your address, you also have the option to set up a legal entity. You can Also use this address as: Invoice from location, Pay to location (Remit-To), and/or Ship from location by leaving the relevant checkbox(es) selected. Or, if you want to provide a different address for invoicing, payment, and/or shipping, deselect the relevant checkbox(es) and enter the new address.

  • Invoice from location is the main address of your registered business or the registered entity you will be invoicing your customer from.

  • Pay to location is the address your customer will use to send your payment; remittance address.

  • Ship from location is usually your warehouse location.

Also, the Advanced Invoicing checkbox allows you to indicate if you support integration for invoicing (cXML or SFTP) and plan to use it with your customer.

If you are already registered to the CSP and you set up a legal entity earlier, you can also see the Use my current legal entity drop-down from which you can select your existing legal entity to provide it to your new customer.


Clicking on the Next button takes you to the Provide your default bank information page where you can provide your payment information.

You can see the page for bank information only if your customer uses Coupa Pay. Providing your bank information is required.

Fill in the following Bank Information fields: Country/Region (defaulted), Currency (defaulted), Routing Number, Account Number, Confirm Account Number, Bank Name, Address Lines 1-2, City, State, and Postal Code. The address that you entered when providing your basic information is also linked to this payment account.

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

Indicate if you accept card payment by selecting the checkbox under Card Payment. If you accept card payment, you need to specify the email address where you want to receive the card.

If you selected a legal entity that contains US banking information, at the top of the page you can see the Payment Address section to select the address from the Remit-To drop-down to pre-populate the bank information fields for your new customer, instead of providing new bank information.

Clicking on the Next button takes you to the Would you like to offer discounts to get paid faster? page where you can set your Payment Discount Preferences (static discounting, formerly: Coupa Accelerate preferences). These preferences are automatically applied to all your invoices with the customer.

Providing your payment discount preferences is optional.


On the left you can see your default payment term(s), and on the right, you can select new terms to automatically replace the existing ones.

You can modify them later at any time from Setup > Admin > Payment Preferences > Static Discounting.

Use the Back button to go back to the pages with bank and basic information.


Clicking on the Next button takes you to the Congratulations page informing you about your successful setup that allows you to do business with your customer.

You are encouraged to update your public profile so that other customers can also find you. Click on the Take Me There button to open your public profile in edit mode. For more information, see Create or Update Your Profiles.

Providing more profile information is optional.

If your customer requested additional supplier information, you are informed that you are one step away from doing business with your customer, and the Take Me There button directs you to your customer profile in edit mode to respond to the supplier information form request.

Customer setup progress

You can exit any element of the flow any time by closing it with the x in the right corner above the Coupa logo, and you can continue the flow to provide your information later.

On the Setup > Customer Setup page, you can see the list of all your customers and the status of your onboarding flow (setup progress) with each of them indicated by the green progress bar. 

Select the customer name to see the relevant instructions and buttons to take the necessary actions.

  • If you completed the onboarding flow, you can start transacting with your custbomer. You can go to the Admin page for more setup options or you can edit your public profile.

  • If you exited the flow before completing it, you can resume it with the Finish Setup button.

  • If you have not provided information for your customer, you can Start the flow. 

If you have not completed the flow for a customer, you are prompted to complete the customer setup when you log in again.

For more information, see Create or Update Your Profiles.

Upgrade impact

Roles and permissions




This feature is available for all suppliers that use the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) and whose customers have the feature enabled. It is on by default. See How it works for more information.