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Other CSP Enhancements


Previously, suppliers had to open each disputed invoice to see the dispute reason. We want to help suppliers that process a large number of invoices to access the reasons of disputes quickly, so we added a dedicated column to the table listing the invoices.

To ensure smooth and quick purchase order (PO) processing, we want to provide suppliers with additional information about POs and more visibility in case of PO cancelations. So, we introduced an email reminder for PO recipients to acknowledge POs and a notification for additional CSP supplier users (other than PO recipients) about canceled POs.

For a better user experience, we also removed the warning message about permissions.

Some of these enhancements were top Coupa Community items.

How it works


Dispute reason column

You can see the reasons for disputed invoices in the Dispute Reason column of the Invoices table.


For more information, see View and Manage Invoices.

PO notifications

Even if you are not a PO recipient but you have access to POs, you also receive online and email notifications about canceled orders by default. You can change your notification preferences for An order is canceled. For more information, see View and Manage Notifications.

Also, if you do not acknowledge a PO within five days, you (as the original PO recipient) receive an email reminder with the subject "Reminder to Acknowledge <Customer Name> Purchase Order <number>".

Other changes

Upgrade impact

Roles and permissions

For legal entity validation:

For filtered view of rejected catalog items:

For access to public sourcing events:


For legal entity validation:


These enhancements are available for all suppliers that use the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).

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