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Easier Connectivity with Enterprise Mobility Management


People don't always remember what URL they should use to connect with Coupa for your enterprise. We don't want users to get frustrated or just guess. Coupa Mobile provides support for your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution so that your users can be securely directed to the proper, preconfigured instance name.

How it works

Your EMM solution can push a configuration parameter to managed iOS and Android devices, so that when your users launch Coupa Mobile, your Coupa Enterprise instance URL is already entered to begin the login process. 

Your IT administrator will configure your EMM to manage Coupa Mobile. They will load the manifest restrictions exposed by Coupa Mobile and edit or add the following dictionary to set the coupaInstanceURL key with the value of your Coupa Enterprise URL. Depending on what EMM you use you might set the value with XML like the following:




Once your configured EMM is managing enrolled mobile devices, then all new or pre-existing installations of Coupa Mobile will show the specified coupaInstanceURL value when the app is started.

Your Coupa Mobile users will see  the instance name screen and it will be pre-configured with the proper Coupa Instance URL. To support those admins and Quality test engineers the users can still edit the instance name to connect with their Sandbox instances for UAT.

Any time the user fully logs out of Coupa Mobile, they will be returned to the Instance name page, just as they are today. The instance name field will be configured with the string configured by your EMM, but the user can override that value (just as they can today) in order to log into a different instance.


Upgrade impact


Roles and permissions





Coupa Instance URL support for EMM is part of the latest version of Coupa Mobile (30.1). Get the latest version of Coupa Mobile from either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store: Coupa Mobile for iOS: Apple Store or Coupa Mobile for Android: Google Play Store