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Coupa Homepage for Expenses Users


Expenses-only users now get access to the Coupa Homepage so they can see announcements, applicable forms, and other company communications.

Expenses users who did not have permissions for Procurement did not get to see the homepage previously, but once we released the improved announcements, lots of customers told us that we should include them all so that users can start from the same page and announcements. Now most all content has the appropriate type so that only users with the proper permissions can see those parts that apply to their job functions and everybody gets to see what the Coupa admin wants to post.

How it works

Expense users can see the Coupa Homepage including announcements, applicable forms, recent activity, quick links and to-do lists. Only the content that is appropriate for the Expenses-only users is shown.

The Expenses Homepage shows Announcements, Recent Activity, Quick Links, To Do and Community content.

Of course, administrators can assign more permissions based on business needs.

As of R30.7.6 and R31.2.1, the Forms dropdown can be hidden from Expenses-only users. Contact Coupa Support to disable the Forms dropdown.

Upgrade impact

Roles and Permissions

New permission for the Expense User standard role.




This change is included as part of Coupa Expenses. If you want to get Coupa Expenses, contact your Coupa representative.

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