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Other Platform Enhancements


In Coupa 31, we've made a number of smaller but helpful enhancements to the core platform and associated features:

  • Improved History section on Form Responses
  • Panel Apps on Inventory pages
  • Categories data roll-up year selector 
  • CCW & Risk Assess license fields for the User table

Additionally, we rolled out these enhancements during the Coupa 30.x update stream:

  • Source Together access added to some custom roles
  • Ability to add attachments to comments removed from the Comments/Add Comment permission and moved to the new Comments/Add Attachment permission

Finally, we've added a couple of notices about upcoming changes that you should be aware of:

  • Deprecation of API keys update

New features in Coupa 31

Improved History section on Form Responses

Previously the Form Response history only captured changes to header fields. But in order to allow users to Edit as Approver functionality for Form Responses, we'll need to track changes to the questionnaire fields.

So now, Coupa tracks all inputs and changes to the the Form Response questionnaire fields across the UI and integration channels. This includes general fields, back-end fields, and any fields on sub forms.

This was a popular community request.

Panel Apps on Inventory pages

Today, users may have to go to external systems outside of Coupa to get additional information for inventory transactions and tracking in Coupa. We wanted to give admins a way to make life easier for these users so we've brought Panel Apps to several inventory pages as available slots:

  • receipts.full_receipt (Inventory)
  • (master item page)
  • asn/ (The ASN/Headers page)

More details pending Coupa 31 GA.

Categories data roll-up year selector

Category Managers wanted the ability to choose from more years than just the current year when looking at aggregate data. So, we've delivered. They can now view historical data (as far back as 2019) by selecting the desired year from the Year dropdown selector.

When you load the page for the first time, Coupa defaults to the current year. But if you change the year, Coupa will remember your selection and provide that year's data the next time you view the page.


CCW & Risk Assess license fields for the User table

Now users can create filters and custom views that include the Coupa Contingent Workforce License and Risk Assess License during advanced search of the User table.

This was a popular Community request.


Features deployed in Coupa 30.x

Source Together access added to some custom roles (30.4)

We added the Community/Source Together/Index permission to the Buyer and Category Manager roles so they can access the Community > Sourcing Advantage page. This will help provide greater insight and adoption of Sourcing Advantage.

Split 'add comments' permission (30.4)

New permission split: The Comments/Add Comment permission no longer has the ability to add an attachment, which now managed by the new Comments/Add Attachment permission. Any standard or custom role that previously had Add Comment now includes Add Attachment, so there will be no change in behavior for your existing roles.

Upcoming features (31.x and beyond)


Translations are being added incrementally as they are completed. Expect continuous improvements with R31 updates.

API keys deprecation update

In Coupa 29, we introduced Open Connect API Access. Coupa will eventually deprecate legacy API Keys and require the use of OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect Clients, first starting with new customer implementations, and eventually for all customers. The primary motivation for this initiative is to implement industry best practices to improve the level of security for all of your integrations with Coupa. This will be a gradual process and will require you to upgrade your API integrations to OAuth 2.0.

Here are some estimated timelines for key milestones:

  • R32 - OAuth 2.0 is the only available option for new customers 
  • R34 - new API keys can no longer be issued to existing customers 
  • R35 - API keys will no longer be supported

Upgrade Impact

Check the R31 Upgrade Impact List for specific features.


Items listed in the New features in Coupa 31 section will be available when Coupa goes live in August. Items in the Features deployed in Coupa 30.x section were released in the Coupa update listed in the feature title. Items in the Upcoming features (31.x and beyond) list will be updated as they come closer to release.

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