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Bounced Payments Account Deactivation


Did some supplier or an employee close an account without notifying your AP team? Did a payment bounce back because the receiving account was just wrong somehow? When our payment partner, TransferMate, attempts a payment on your behalf and it bounces back, that Pay To account, the Supplier Payment Account (SPA), is proven as unsuitable for receiving payments. To help prevent resubmission to a flawed payment account and to stop any additional fees for bounced payments, that now triggers a payment account deactivation and notifications.

How it works

Even though we work to ensure that SPA are verified, reviewed, and approved before using them sometimes accounts are closed or moved without notification, or maybe the original entry was keyed incorrectly.  Of course Employee Payment Accounts (EPA) can have the same problems.  In such cases where the Pay To account does not exist and the attempted payment is bounced back with specific bank error codes, the SPA (or EPA) must be deactivated to prevent resubmission to the same failed endpoint. 

When a payment bounces back it is marked as Completed With Errors and the SPA is set as Inactive. An email notification is sent to the supplier that the payment attempt failed.

The SPA shows that, "This payment account was deactivated because of a bounced-back payment" and the history will show when that deactivation happened.

The Supplier Payment Account is set to Inactive, but the IPA with Unmask permissions can verify the account name and number that caused the payment failure to ensure it is not used again.

Email notifications are also sent to all users who have permissions to create Supplier Payment Accounts. Communicate with your Suppliers to get the proper remittance account details to ensure that the SPA is submitted for review and approval prior to payment.

In the case of an Employee Payment Account deactivation, a notification is sent to the person who created the Employee Payment Account when their payment account is deactivated.

Setup > Notification > Preview allows for customization of the email sent to employees who must update their payment account information.

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This feature is part of Coupa Pay. If you want to get Coupa Pay, contact your Coupa representative.