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Coupa Success Portal

Release Policy

In partnership with the Business Spend Management (BSM) Community, Coupa is co-creating new and unique capabilities that empower our customers, partners, and suppliers with increased visibility, actionable insights, and solutions to manage their spend. Through our Release Management Policy and Standard Release Process (SRP), Coupa is setting the pace of innovation for the industry and helping businesses deliver real measurable value.


Coupa Release Management Policy

Coupa is a multi-tenant platform, and customers will be upgraded in waves according to the Standard Release Process (SRP) and the release schedule for Major, Maintenance, and Daily updates.

  • Major Release Upgrades must happen during the scheduled two (2) sandbox and three (3) production release waves, unless an exception has been granted.

  • Customers may request a change from one scheduled Major Release upgrade wave to another by submitting a support case via the Coupa Support Portal at least 3 weeks prior to the release (for clarity, requests made less than 3 weeks prior may not be accommodated).

  • Exceptions to the release schedule may be requested through a customer’s account CVM, and are subject to the Coupa Standard Release Process Exception Policy. If granted, exceptions allow customers to delay their release upgrade date, but do not allow for skipping a release. 


Coupa Standard Release Process

The Coupa Standard Release Process (SRP) allows you to create your own major release upgrade schedule from a list of predefined waves. You have the option to choose from the available sandbox and production waves for your major release upgrades. Please contact your Customer Value Manager (CVM) for details on creating your SRP schedule.

The SRP automatically manages your Coupa release updates for you. All sandbox instances are automatically updated with a new maintenance release every two weeks. All production instances are updated with maintenance releases during the week between sandbox updates. Daily releases are considered critical fixes and are applied to all production instances for the affected release.

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