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Coupa's Release Types


We have three types of releases for our service:

Type Scope Frequency
Major release New features and functionality Three times per year: January, May, and September
Maintenance update Scheduled fixes for customer-reported issues and critical security issues Every two weeks beginning after the Major release
Daily update Unscheduled fixes for critical issues that impact a majority of customers As needed

Release Numbering


We use an X.Y.Z numbering scheme where:

  • X is the Major release number
  • Y is the Maintenance update number
  • Z is the Daily update number

For example, 22.2.1 would represent Release 22 and Maintenance update 2 and then the Daily update 1. Another example would be 21.1.3 which would represent Release 21, Maintenance Update 1, and Daily Update 3.

You can find the current release number within your instance of Coupa under Setup > Company Information.

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