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Coupa's Release Types


We have three types of releases for our service:

Type Scope Frequency
Major release New features and functionality Three times per year: January, May, and September
Maintenance update Scheduled fixes for customer-reported issues and critical security issues Every two weeks beginning after the Major release
Daily update Unscheduled fixes for critical issues that impact a majority of customers As needed

Release Version Numbering


We use an X.Y.Z numbering scheme where:

  • X is the Major release number
  • Y is the Maintenance update number
  • Z is the Daily update number


  • 22.2.1 represents Release 22, Maintenance update 2, Daily update 1.
  • 21.1.2 represents Release 21, Maintenance Update 1, Daily Update 2.

Find the current release number within your Coupa instance, under Setup > Company Information.

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