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Receiving Updates


As with any software solution, it's important that you are part of the change management process of new releases and updates.  The power of Coupa lies in the flexibility to create any number of configurations, workflow setups, and data sets. This means that even with the rigorous testing we put into each release, it's impossible to test every possible combination, and some amount of testing and verification of your own business workflows is still required. Many customers have their own internal audit requirements for verifying Coupa updates.

Below is what we recommend as a best practice for verifying each type of release. In addition, you will find an overview of the testing that Coupa does for every release.

Customer Verification Recommendations

For customers that need assistance with this, we do offer release update services through our partners, services team, and our Customer Adoption Manager (CAM) team. Contact your Customer Value Manager (CVM) for more info.

Release Type Verification Recommendation

Major release

We notify customers of the new release and when we’ll update it to their sandbox and production instances. Since our release schedule is fixed, customers can start planning for these dates several months in advance. See our upcoming release schedule.

Customers should run through their common business flows in their sandbox environment to familiarize themselves with new features and to verify that there are no changes to their business workflow. We don't anticipate any changes, but occasionally, a custom role or some other configuration may need to be adjusted as part of the major release.

Customers with integrations that utilize our API or flat files should be assured that our goal is to ensure that we provide backward compatibility to the existing signatures of our integrations. Occasionally, an integration is created that doesn't follow a best practice, something changes on the third-party system side, so it's important to verify that your integrations are running correctly on your sandbox environment prior to the major release going into your production environment.

Maintenance update

Maintenance updates are significantly smaller than major releases and don't require as much verification. For larger customers with internal audit controls in place, we recommend having a smaller set of verification scenarios that you can run through in a couple of hours or less. Since the changes in a maintenance release are intended to resolve issues, typically there won't be any change to functionality and hence no impact on your Coupa implementation.

Daily update

Daily updates are rare and tied to an individual issue that is impacting the majority of the customer base. Since these are applied to sandbox and production at the same time, there's no need for verification for these updates.


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