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Coupa Success Portal

CSP Release Management


The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) follows Coupa's continuous delivery model for deploying new releases as necessary. Like the Coupa platform, the CSP has both major releases, which include new features and enhancements, and maintenance releases that maintain performance and stability. Major releases normally deploy ahead of the latest major Coupa release so that the CSP is ready when customers upgrade their sandbox and production instances.


We notify customers of the next release, but because a single CSP instance supports all customer production instances, and another supports customer sandbox and test instances, there's no way for a single customer to delay the upgrade. We update the sandbox instance 1-3 weeks before production is updated, depending on the scope of change in the latest update.

Resolved issues

Maintenance releases also work like the Coupa platform, resolving issues that are discovered in the CSP. However, many issues that appear in the CSP require fixing on the customer's instance, not the CSP. If the issue requires a fix on the CSP only, we make it the next available release window (based on severity of the issue and current release windows). It's not often that something needs to be fixed on both the CSP and the platform in order to resolve the issue, but when it does, the releases will be scheduled accordingly.


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