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Coupa Success Portal

More Release Info

Coupa's Standard Release Process

New versions of Coupa are automatically sent to customer sandbox and production instances using Coupa's standard release timelines and following our upcoming release schedule.


We keep our documentation up-to-date within this Success portal. For each major release, we provide a New Features Guide as a PDF and update the core product documentation at the same time. For each maintenance update and daily update, we provide release notes outlining major bug fixes and update the core documentation as necessary to reflect best practices. The notes also contain customer support ticket numbers so you can see if your ticket has been fixed in the release. If there are changes specific only to a particular customer installation, these might be communicated directly through your Customer Value Manager. 

See the Release Page for more info.


With every major release, we offer both updated eLearning courses and live webinars to help customers learn about the latest Coupa features. Scheduling for the webinars is handled by the Coupa University Education Team. Learning opportunities and upcoming webinar schedules can be found at

Release Exception Policy

To help you plan for each major release, Coupa provides visibility and predictability with our release schedule, allowing ample time to plan upgrade activities and test releases before they go into production on your specified release date. To allow flexibility under extenuating circumstances, Coupa reserves a limited capacity for Major Release Upgrade exceptions. The available exception types are listed below:

Business Exception

A Business Exception may be granted to customers who report a planned business conflict at least 4 weeks ahead of the scheduled product upgrade date (for clarity, requests made less than 4 weeks prior may not be accommodated).  Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Coupa project implementation in progress

  • Release upgrade coincides with a major system launch event or year-end reporting

  • Extraordinary event or circumstance 

If Coupa approves a Business Exception, Coupa will schedule the Major Release Upgrade within a two week window starting five weeks after the published Wave 3 upgrade date. 

Technology Exception

A Technology Exception may be granted in circumstances where a customer is materially impacted by an issue: (i) that the customer discovered within the first two weeks following release of the sandbox update associated with a major release; and (ii) which cannot be remedied with a documented workaround, or otherwise resolved, before the scheduled production upgrade date. If Coupa approves a Technology Exception, the release will be delayed until the issue has been remedied by a documented workaround or software fix. Once the forgoing remedy has been provided, the upgrade will occur within five (5) business days. 

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