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Release 17 Flat File (CSV) Loader Changes

Fields Added


Fields Removed

Object Name Field Name
ApprovalChain exceeds_amount
ApprovalChain exceeds_currency
Supplier primary_address.local_tax_number
Supplier country_of_operation.code
Supplier enable_hmrc_restrictions
User contract_approval_limit_name_hidden
User contract_self_approval_limit_name_hidden
User pcard.cvv

Fields Changed


Field name Allowable Value
End System Type + ["other"]

Integration Contact

Field name Allowable Value
Contactable Type + ["UserGroup"]
Contact Alert Type + ["Technical", "Functional", "Both"]

Invoice Header

Field name Type
Local Currency Net decimal(30,3) => decimal(32,4)
Taxes In Origin Country Currency decimal(30,3) => decimal(32,4)
Local Currency Gross decimal(30,3) => decimal(32,4)


Field name Description
Name Must be unique supplier name or else the system will attempt to updated the existing supplier record=> Supplier site Name


Field name Allowable Value
Default Locale - ["en-BORK", "vi", "uk", "en-SG", "en-US", "en-IND", "da-DK", "en-au-ocker", "ca", "ca-CAT", "en-UG", "nb-NO", "en-NZ", "fi-FI", "nep", "he", "sk", "fa", "en-BORK", "vi", "uk", "en-SG", "en-US", "en-IND", "da-DK", "en-au-ocker", "ca", "ca-CAT", "en-UG", "nb-NO", "en-NZ", "fi-FI", "nep", "he", "sk", "fa"]
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