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Extended Invoicing API Coverage for Invoice Creation


Today, the main way of integrating large volumes of invoices is through CSV. However, error handling and corrections is often tedious, time consuming. It's hard to build automated responses around CSV integrations. Some of our third-party partners prefer using the API.

While Coupa has an invoicing API today, it has limited usability and isn't robust enough to handle large numbers of transactions. As a result, we've enhanced the invoicing API to be fully functional, on parity with other invoice buyer channels, and up to Coupa's API performance standards.

How it works

We had to make several changes to make sure the API was ready for the transactional volume we see with the flat file loaders. This included:

  • Full support for all invoicing CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete) at volume
  • Ability to create Credit Notes and better split-billing support using the API
  • Improved validations to ensure data integrity when submitting invoices via the API

Because not all customers will want to modify their integrations to conform to the new validation model, we've put the validations behind a switch. To enable strict Invoice API validations, go to Setup > Company Setup > Company Information, and under System Options > Invoices, select the Enforce all invoice validations on invoice update and submit APIs (recommended) checkbox. 

We'll eventually deprecate the old validation model, making strict validation the only option. We suggest you consider updating your integrations before Coupa 31.

See the API Updates for field length changes.

Upgrade impact

Because there are new validations for the API, you should test all of your existing integrations to ensure they continue to work as expected and don't throw errors.

Roles and Permissions

New permissions for the Buyer standard role



In R29, the improved validations are disabled by default, but will likely become the default configuration in the future.

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