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Other Platform Enhancements


In addition to all the great new features and Coupa Core platform enhancements already listed, we've made a number of smaller enhancements to make working with and managing the platform easier and more convenient. 

  • New Supply Chain User standard role and user license for access to Supply Chain Design and Planning through the Coupa Core Platform
  • Improved Microsoft Teams integration adds support for new approvable types and improved notification configuration
  • Custom view performance benchmarking helps identify custom views that can slow down your Coupa instance
  • Two-way SSL for cXML PO transmission provides improved security for supplier integration

Together, these enhancements help Admins manage the performance, security, and accessibility of their valuable Coupa data as well as provider greater usability for employees who use Microsoft Teams.

New Supply Chain integration

As we continue to build out supply chain integration in Coupa, we've provided a new Supply Chain User standard role. This role and license provides users with access to the Supply Chain tab for customers who want to access Coupa Supply Chain Design and Planning from within Coupa Core. 

  • New standard role: Supply Chain User
  • New controller: Supply Chain
  • New Supply Chain license field on the user record (added to CSV in, CSV Out, API In, and API Out)

For existing Supply Chain customers, see Manage User Access to learn about how Coupa manages access to functionality and data in Coupa. If you're not a Supply Chain customer, but would like to learn more, see The R30 Supply Chain release notes, the Supply Chain documentation, or talk to your Coupa representative.

New homepage permissions

New permissions for the Expense User standard role allow Expense users with no other licenses to access the Coupa homepage as their landing page, instead of the Expenses page. This also provides additional search capabilities and other homepage features.

See Coupa Homepage for Expenses Users for details.

Improved MS Teams integration and in-client approvals

The Coupa Core platform has supported Slack integration for a while now, and recently introduced MS Teams, but there was a big difference between the level of support each integration provided. And we recognize that a lot more people use Teams when compared to the number of Slack users. So, we've addressed this functionality gap by adding the existing Slack approval types to Teams and by adding a bunch of new approval types:

  • Service/Time Sheets
  • Contracts
  • Catalogs
  • Receipts
  • Forms
  • Cycle Counts

In addition to achieving functional parity between Teams and Slack, the full set of IM notification settings on the User preferences page now work with both Teams and Slack.

Custom view performance benchmarking

Coupa allows users to configure custom views to meet all sorts of reporting requirements, but sometimes, users can unknowingly create custom views that are non-performant. Common configurations that result in slow response times include creating views with too many conditions or misusing the Contains clause. These configurations can have accumulating effects on system performance.

So now, when a custom view takes more than five seconds to load, we record them as "Slow Load Times" entries in a report viewable by administrators on the /performance page. When necessary, the administrator can investigate and follow up with the owner of that custom view to determine whether the number of conditions can be reduced or if the Contains clause can be replaced with an alternative filter clause.

Mutual TLS (mTLS) for secure transmission of PO cXML

Coupa already supports one-way SSL for cXML PO delivery to facilitate secure transactions with suppliers. For suppliers who want to further validate Coupa as the originator of the cXML PO, they can work with you to enable Mutual TLS for PO cXML. Suppliers using older industry nomenclature may refer to this feature as "two-way SSL."

We've added a new setting on the supplier record under the PO Transmission section called Enable Mutual TLS for PO cXML. In the event a supplier comes to you and inquires about setting up Mutual TLS or a "two way handshake" for the PO cXML, you can now support their request. When set up properly, this enhancement ensures that traffic is secured and trusted in both directions, between Coupa and that specified supplier.

As a prerequisite to the feature enablement, the supplier will need to obtain Coupa's public certificate, add it to their trust store, and enable certificate verification on their servers. They will use this public certificate to validate Coupa when Coupa initiates the secured connection for transmission of the cXML PO.

In advance of the Coupa certificate being posted in a publicly accessible location for your Supplier, please talk to your Coupa representative to obtain the public certificate and begin the process of enabling this feature for your supplier(s).

Upgrade impact

Roles and Permissions

None, but see Coupa Homepage for Expenses Users.


New cXML mutual TLS Encryption requirement


These enhancements are included with the Coupa Core Platform and will roll out across Coupa 30.x updates. All features are enabled by default except for two-way SSL, which needs to be negotiated with your suppliers, and Coupa Premium Archiving, which requires additional licensing.

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