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Guided Receipt Capture and Data Extraction Service


Capture expense line receipts with a photo and get expense data more quickly and easily than ever before. 

Previously you could use Coupa Mobile and your mobile device camera to add receipts to your expense report, but the Community was full of painful reports of expense wallet additions that sometimes took hours to process. That old tool was meant for travelers gathering receipts to be processed later, but now you don't have to wait because our team of developers and data scientists created new services to give you receipt capture that is actually easier, intuitive, and fast and OCR data extraction with machine learning that can scan receipts in seconds, not minutes or hours.

Capturing expense receipts with Coupa Mobile is a little like depositing checks with the best banking apps, and if you are going to be reimbursed for those expenses, the time saved and money spent will also add money back into your account.  The photo capture works like check scanning. It looks for a rectangular image and will automatically snap the photo once the image is found and in focus.

Coupa Mobile does the following: 

  • Identifies your receipt, isolates your receipt and automatically takes
    the photo when steady and focused
  • Automatically crops the photo
  • Provides you with processing tools to sharpen and clarify the image
  • Removes noise, corrects perspective and curvature
  • Filters create compact files optimized for OCR scanning
  • Gives you tools to re-crop the full image if necessary
  • Enables image rotation if necessary 

And once you're done, it automatically attaches the optimized photo
to your expense line and begins the data extraction scan to get the
receipt values for: 

Date, Merchant name, Total amount, and Currency
(other data like merchant: City, State, Postal code, and Tax lines
may be added to the expense line too)

Within a very short time (seconds, not minutes or hours) you can pull down
to refresh the display and you will see your receipt data in your expense line.

Adding expense receipts and getting that data in your expense report is
magnitudes faster and easier than ever.

How it works

Everyone with the latest version of Coupa Mobile and an Expenses entitlement will be able to see and use the new receipt capture experience.  No further administrative configuration is required.

Log in to Coupa Mobile and tap Expenses. From the Expenses display you can open one of your drafts or start a new Expense Report and then tap Add Expense, Add an Expense Line to your Expense Report with a tap on this Add icon.  .

You can add a receipt to create an expense line with a tap on your camera:  Add receipt with your camera  or photos:  Add a receipt using one of your photos.  From your Wallet display you can tap the camera icon: Tap the camera icon on your wallet to add a receipt from either your camera or using your photos. and you can then select from the same options to add from your camera or from your photos. 

When you focus your camera on your receipt, the software will look for the border around a rectangular image, and of course it is easier for the app to find a receipt against a dark background.  Hold steady and you may see the border trace around the receipt as your camera focuses to automatically snap the photo.

The short clip below shows how the receipt edge detection can be improved. You can manually crop your photo with a tap on the Crop photo icon: Improve the crop of the photo if the edges weren't perfect from the start., then drag the corners of blue bounding box to focus in on your receipt. A magnifier will help you position the cross hairs with some precision as your movement slows across the image. 

You can see that the new receipt photo capture corrects distortions for shading, noise, perspective, and curvature to help ensure legibility.

Try using the image filter,  Use the image filters to make the receipt more legible., after you take a photo of your receipt. The Monochrome filter not only enhances legibility for OCR text recognition, but it creates a 1-bit image which reduces the image file size for less optimal network transmissions. Black and White and Color filters also enhance the image clarity by reducing the shading, noise and other image imperfections. If you want the initial image without filters you can select None.

 Once you have manually set the cropping, tap Crop and don't tap Detect, because that would reset back to what it originally detected.

Once you tap Done, your optimized photo is automatically attached to your expense line and Coupa uploads the image for an OCR scan that uses machine learning to extract receipt data like:  Date, Merchant name, Total amount, and Currency.

Within a very short time you can pull down to refresh the expense line display and you'll see that data in your expense line.

Coupa Mobile delivers excellent results with tools that aid in compliance and get you paid for the work you do on the road.  

Upgrade impact


Roles and permissions

Coupa Mobile does require your permission to use your camera or to select from your photos to provide these services to you.




This feature is part of the latest version  (30.1) of Coupa Mobile and existing users will get upgraded automatically. You can also get the latest version of Coupa Mobile from either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store: Coupa Mobile for iOS: Apple Store or Coupa Mobile for Android: Google Play Store