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Success Compass: Coupa Sourcing Optimization

Coupa Sourcing Optimization

Join quarterly on the 4 th Wednesday of the month, to broaden your knowledge of Coupa Sourcing Optimization functionality and leading practices. These sessions are conducted by Coupa's Professional Services CSO Subject Matter Experts (SME).

Frequency: Quarterly on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 07:00 PT (15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET)

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ID Date Topic Description Recording
001 26/06/2018 Introduction to CSO and the new UI Learn about the Coupa Sourcing Optimization product and the new and improved User Interface Jun 26,2018
002 26/09/2018 Packages/Bundles & Conditional Offers Learn how to use packages, bundles, and conditional offers in your sourcing events.  Sept 26, 2018
003 24/10/2018 Bid Types How best to use and when to use Bid types, off- and on-spec, doing it right the first time to positively impact your analysis Oct 24, 2018
004 28/11/2018 How to clean up bid data and supplier feedback Learn how to clean up bid data within CSO. Outlier data, and aggregations Nov 28, 2019
005 19/12/2018 Advanced Reporting Learn how to create advanced reporting options within CSO. Dec 19, 2018
006 27/02/2019 Formulas Basic & advanced formulas - how to build, local variables, vectors, and user-defined functions.  Misconceptions with bid analysis fields Feb 27, 2019
007 24/04/2019 Guides and Event templates How to create your own step-by-step guide and templates Feb 11, 2020
008 22/05/2019 E-Auctions (Dashboards/rules) How to use the dashboard to monitor an auction Feb 11, 2020
009  26/06/2019 Historic data & savings How to structure your historic data and configure savings calculations Jun 26, 2019
010 24/07/2019 User groups and Item and document restrictions How to manage document and item access Jul 24, 2019
011 25/09/2019 Japanese & dutch auction overview  When to use Japanese & Dutch Auctions and how to successfully run them Feb 11, 2020
012 23/10/2019 Data normalization     Why normalization is important, why and how you should do it. Using fact sheet reports and fact sheet templates to normalize data. Feb 11, 2020
013 20/11/2019  Bid Matrix What is a bid matrix, when should it be used and how to build it Nov 20, 2019
014 11/12/2019  Discounts & On-Cost     How to use discounts and on-cost: how to set them up and how to use in analysis Feb 11, 2020
015 26/02/2020 Part I: Bid forms Bid form template types and how to use them. Formatting of standard templates. Feb 28, 2020
016 25/03/2020 Part II: Bid forms Bid form settings, locking default values, generating data validations, controlling drop down options, and excel version limitations. Mar 25, 2020
017 15/04/2020 Part III: Bid forms Tag glossary, validation formulas, bid triggers, moving bid tables, ordering data and managing cell width and height.  Apr 29, 2020
018 27/04/2020 Part IV: Bid forms

Bid type tagging and special purpose pipe-commands and start tags

May 28, 2020
019 24/06/2020 Event auditing Tips and tricks to audit your event to ensure a successful and smooth tender Jun 24, 2020
020 22/07/2020 CSO API CSO API - use cases and best practices Jul 22, 2020
021 23/09/2020 Supplier feedback I: Outlier analysis We will walk you through the steps necessary to make sense of your bid data and identify outlier bids in order to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of supplier feedback Oct 22, 2020
022 28/10/2020 Supplier feedback II Standard feedback options for both online and via excel forms bidding Nov 26, 2020
023 25/11/2020 Supplier feedback III Static versus dynamic feedback and how to color-code your feedback Nov 26,2020
024 16/12/2020 Discounts How to create discounts Dec 16, 2020
25 28/04/2021 How to apply and analyze discounts Using scenario rules and reporting to understand the effects of discounts on your scenario results. (It is recommended to watch the recording from Dec 16, 2020, webinar before this webinar as discount setup will not be fully covered in this webinar) Apr 28, 2021
26 25/08/2021 Leveraging the FTL template We will walk you through the steps of using the FTL Template to create your very own FTL event.  Aug 25, 2021
27 08/12/2021 Coupa Community pick: The Event Automator The Event Automator (incl. triggers and scheduling)  
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