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Coupa Success Portal

Success Compass: General Sessions

Success Compass: General Sessions

Join us to broaden your knowledge of Coupa functionality and leading practices. Topics will cover all areas of the Coupa platform and with a variety of speakers. Our goal is to give deeper knowledge in to some of the areas of the application that can be taken back and used in organizations. Each session will have Q&A time around the topic so please join us.

We are rotating time zones for the sessions. Please use the time zone that fits best with your location.

Recordings will be posted for the sessions - also will and additional links to eLearnings and/or other documentation.

Frequency: Per schedule below - Time zone is listed for each session - Please note the time zone because it changes from topic to topic 


Time Zone Converter:

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General Topics Other topics from Services not related to product
Source to Contract (S2C) Sourcing, CSO, CLM, CLMA
Core Procurement, Invoicing, Pay, Expenses
Supplier Management SIM, Risk Assess, Risk Aware
Integration Topics related to Integration 

Upcoming Topics

Date_Time-Zone - Registration Link Topic  Description Audience Coupa Product Area
Sept 23, 2020 9am (BST) How CSO connects to Core Platform   Customer, Partner, Internal S2C
Sept 30, 2020 10am (Central Time) R28 Integration Features The technical architects will be walking through the integration updates that are part of R28 Customer, Partner, Internal Integrations
Oct 14th, 2020 9am (BST) Tax Code Automation   Customer, Partner, Internal P2P
Oct 21st, 2020 10am (Central Time) Technical Hints about Punchout and Open Buy Configurations   Customer, Partner, Internal Supplier Management
Oct 28th, 2020 10am (Central Time) Tax Code Integration   Customer, Partner, Internal P2P
Nov 4th, 2020 10am (SGT) Migration of legacy contracts to CLM Standard   Customer, Partner, Internal S2C
Nov 11, 2020 9am (GMT) Content Management/User Access How content groups, billing account security and enterprises can be used together Customer, Partner, Internal P2P


Past Topics

Webinar Date Topic - Recording Link Presentation Link (if needed)
September 16, 2020 New Community Forum Presentation
September 9, 2020 Supplier Performance Scorecards in Risk Aware  
September 2, 2020 Best Practices for using Requisition Forms Presentation
August 26, 2020 How Contracts (CLMS) tie into spend request process flow Presentation
August 17, 2020 Process Builder - Business Use Cases Presentation
July 29, 2020 How SIM, Risk Assess & Risk Aware Connect  
July 15, 2020 Accruals  
July 10, 2020 (APJ) Homepage Best Practices (APJ)  
July 8, 2020 New Coupa Support Portal - Self Service Training Presentation
July 1, 2020 Italian Invoice Compliance  Presentation
June 17, 2020 Homepage Best Practices Presentation
May 20, 2020 Leveraging projects & Custom Objects  
April 20, 2020 Coupa Covid-19 Survival Toolkit Presentation


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