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Business Impact

What is Business Impact ?

When you report a possible defect to Coupa Support, it is best practice to provide Support with your current business impact (sometimes called "business justification" - which is technically incorrect terminology but can be used as synonymous).

Your business impact helps support to prioritize the case and will help us clarifying with other teams like development the urgency of the request.

The business impact should and may contain the following information:

  • how visible is the issue? which users are directly impacted?
  • how often is this occurring on a daily/weekly basis?
  • is the workaround sustainable?
  • how much disruption does it cause on your activities?
  • if the issue is encountered during test phase, what is the planned timeframe until deploying the functionality in Production?

An example of good business impact is the following (can refer to different issues):

  • the error appears multiple times a day and it's not clear enough: multiple internal requests are routed through the Coupa Admins disrupting them from more urgent issues;
  • it affects roughly 30% of our tasks;
  • buyers users are affected and we have around 100 in our Company; 
  • to resolve the issue manually - using the provided/identified workaround where applicable - there are a lot of manual steps to do and given the amount of request this is not do-able on daily basis;
  • the issue has high visibility on our senior management team and we are asked weekly for updates;
  • it used to work fine before in a previous version - please clarify if this is the case - and it's really disruptive;
  • if not fixed by - reasonable time - we will have a delay on our deployment of the functionality to new countries/regions/group of employees;

Please always try to answer all questions that are applicable and if unsure of the number of occurrences, please check with support team we may assist.

Also please, try to always report the issue as soon as possible, do not make it become "noisy" inside your company before you report it to our Support Team; we can always adjust priority and business impact accordingly.

If you are not on auto-upgrade release strategy, also confirm when are you going to upgrade to the current/latest release.

Please be aware that our development team works and fix issues with priority on current release first. 

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