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Quick Guide: Subprocessors


Subject to the instruction of a customer, Coupa hosts a customer instance and stores customer data either in the Europe Economic Area, United States of America, or as otherwise agreed. In the course of providing services on the Coupa Platform, Coupa support personnel located outside of the selected hosting region may require access to customer data.
In addition, Coupa Software, Inc. (“Coupa”) and its affiliates engage third-party contractors and suppliers in the context of the provision of the Coupa Platform and selected Hosted Applications (“Third-Party Suppliers”). Some of these Third-Party Suppliers may have access to, and process, customer data, including customer personal data (“Subprocessors”). 

This quick guide shall provide you with an overview on the various Subprocessors currently used by Coupa in the performance of the Coupa services. Please note that the specific details of Subprocessors used for each customer depends on a customer individual subscription scope and configuration. This quick guide is subject to change.

Default Subprocessors

If you are a customer on the Coupa platform, the following companies are used as default Subprocessors.

Name and Address Hosting Locations Scope of Subprocessing
Amazon Web Services Inc.
Fortune Chambers, 410 Terry Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109-5210, USA 


Cloud-Infrastructure Services

IndMax IT Services Private Limited
Fortune Chambers, Suite # 303, Plot No. 8, 9, 10, 11, Silicon Valley, Madhapur, Hyderbad, Andhra Pradesh, India 500081 


Network Operation Service

Coupa Affiliates, namely 
Coupa Operations, Inc. (USA) Ireland branch office
and Coupa Software India Private Limited (India)
EEA and India Coupa Support Services
Microsoft Corp.[2]
One Microsoft Way 
Redmond Washington 98052, USA
Worldwide Azure
Cloud-Infrastructure Services

  [1] Typically, a Customer instance on the Coupa Platform will be hosted in only one AWS region: either in an AWS US, EU or APAC data center.
  [2] Coming soon for Coupa Sourcing Optimization.


Optional Subprocessors

Depending on the individual Customer subscription scope and configuration on the Coupa platform, the following vendors are used as additional Subprocessors by Coupa when providing services.

Hosted Application Name and Address Available Hosting Location(s) Scope of Subprocessing
Coupa Analytics Birst Inc., an Infor Company
45 Fremont St.
San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
Worldwide[3] Customer reporting, analytics, and dashboarding
Coupa Compliant eInvoicing
(If enabled by customer)
TrustWeaver AB
Kungsgatan 27, 4TR
SE-111 56 Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden Electronic signature of invoices
InvoiceSmash Microsoft Corp.
One Microsoft Way 
Redmond Washington 98052, USA
Worldwide[4] Azure
Cloud-Infrastructure Services
Expenses – Email Parsing
(If enabled by customer)
Traxo, Inc.
211 N. Ervay St. Suite 500
Dallas, TX 75021, USA
Worldwide[5] Parses confirmation emails and passes travel itinerary information to Coupa Travel Service for processing.
Expenses - Receipt Parsing
(If enabled by customer)
CloudFactory International Ltd.
5 The Green
Richmond TW9 1PL
United Kingdom
USA, EEA, or India[6] Optical character recognition (OCR) of customer receipt data.
Supplier Portal
(If enabled by supplier)
Twilio Inc.
375 Beale Street Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
USA Sends text message notification to the supplier

  [3] The Birst instance is hosted in the same AWS region as the Customer instance.
  [4] The MS Azure instance is hosted in the same region as the Customer AWS instance: either MS US, MS EU or MS APAC data center.
  [5] The Traxo instance can be hosted in an AWS US or in an AWS EU region.
  [6] Typically, the CloudFactory instance is hosted in the AWS US West region.


Legacy Subprocessors

If you are a customer on a legacy platform of a company previously acquired by Coupa, the following subcontractors are used as legacy Subprocessors.

Legacy Application Name and Address Available Hosting Location(s) Scope of Subprocessing
Trade Extension (CSO) Basefarm AB
Sveavägen 159, 113 46 Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden Cloud-Infrastructure Services
Simeno (myCatalogPool) ITpoint Systems AG
Riedstrasse 1, CH-6343 Rotkreuz, Switzerland
Switzerland Cloud-Infrastructure Services



Legal Disclaimer - This website is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a contractual commitment or legal advice and does not discuss other privacy-related laws or regulations that may also be relevant to our customers and prospects, including any industry-specific requirements. The relevant privacy and data protection laws and regulations applicable to individual companies will depend on several factors, including but not limited to where a company conducts its business, the industry in which it operates, the type of content it wishes to store, where or from whom the content originates, and where the content will be stored.


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