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Coupa Success Portal

Compliance Certifications

Coupa participates in various compliance programs and maintains multiple compliance certifications. Coupa is regularly audited against these compliance standards by third-party audit firms which provide reports and certifications based on the results of these audits. The independent audits recognize the maturity of Coupa’s solution, the commitment to be fully transparent to customers and its focus on providing the most robust and secure solution. Listed below are some of the compliance programs that Coupa participates in.

Self-Serve Audit Reports and Certifications

Coupa customers can download compliance reports, certifications, and security and compliance related documentation, including whitepapers and datasheets on-demand from the Security and Compliance page on the Coupa Support Portal.

Other interested parties in Coupa compliance reports and certifications can access these reports through the Coupa Compliance Reports Self-Serve Portal.

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