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Customer Facing Security Documents


The Coupa Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) department maintains several policies, processes, and documents that are often requested by customers and prospects.  If a document is marked Company Confidential or Coupa Confidential, it cannot be externally shared.  These documents are continually updated and to reduce the risk of a customer making decisions based on outdated information, these documents can only be shared when necessary.  Coupa participates in an annual third-party audit, during which auditors review and attest to our policies and processes.  Customers and prospects should review these policies and processes prior to additional information being distributed.  Customers and prospects can request and review various Coupa reports via the Compliance Reports Request page.  These reports are also available on the intranet, however, the customer must complete the request form prior to receiving the reports.

When absolutely required, the attached documents can be shared with customers and prospects after an NDA has been signed. 


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