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Phase 2: Align

The first phase of a Coupa implementation is the alignment phase, where we sit down the whole project team and make sure we're aligned on what determines the success of the project. Implementing a SaaS solution is more than just technology; we're going to drive your organization to adopt industry best practices in spend management. We're all about aligning your goals and your success metrics with the best practices we have seen first hand through the use of our technology.

At Coupa we believe in getting aligned and on the same page, rather than doing a gap analysis and using existing practices that are often sub-optimal, sometimes broken and mimicking those processes in Coupa.

As part of becoming aligned, we firmly believe in getting the project team into the product as much as possible. We do this through a set of hands-on product workshops, where we get the core project team introduced to the product. This helps streamline all subsequent discussions around the business processes that drive the implementation. Our philosophy is that you must be able to navigate and understand some of the basic Coupa concepts and terminology before we embark into a deep dive of your business processes.

We use the project kickoff to get everyone aligned around the implementation process. The day you sign and start your subscription with Coupa, your dedicated Implementation Manager will give you a quick intro call and provide you with our implementation materials. You'll also receive access to your Coupa sandbox (testing) environment within 24 hours of the subscription start.

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