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Coupa Success Portal

Kickoff Meeting

The main items we cover as part of the project kickoff include:

  • Introduce the project owners
  • Review the implementation timeline and phases
  • Set up a project site for document storage and collaboration
  • Review the roles and responsibilities outlined in the SOW
  • Review and the available reference materials
  • Finalize the URL for your sandbox
  • Outline our integration capabilities and finalize your integration requirements
  • Assign the project plan owner and set milestones
  • Familiarize the project team with their new Coupa environment
  • Determine if a formal kickoff is required for all stakeholders

Post Kickoff Action Items

The typical items that require action from the kickoff include:

  • Your team does online Coupa training
  • We work together to determine the implementation option if it wasn't covered in the SOW
  • You give us the dates for the business process analysis meetings
  • You initiate supplier communications for punchout and cXML setups via the Coupa Supplier Services team
  • We finalize the project plan
  • We finalize the change management plan
  • We work together to determine integration requirements and schedule
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