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Rollout Strategy


We want to make make our procurement customers the HERO of their organizations! This means that we want our customers to demonstrate immediate value with their decision to make Coupa their spend management solution.

Based on that and our many years of experience with implementations, we do not endorse Big Bang or parallel implementation approaches. Coupa is so easy to setup and use, our recommended approach is to immediately show value by creating requisitions and orders through the system as soon as they go through Quickstart. Big Bang places undue pressure on a project and often results in bad first impressions within an organization, which take time to overcome. Parallel implementations do not typically provide enough inertia for change and allow organizations to hold on to legacy methods or systems too long.

A phased cut-over & phased implementation balances the risk of new system adoption with the necessity of committing an organization to change. An example phased approach is something like what we have outlined below.

Phase I: Create real business transactions

  • Highlight to your management and to your users that you bought the system and in a few days are able to create real Purchase Orders through Coupa.
  • Customers have been able to go through the on-line training and Quickstart to achieve early successes in a matter of a couple of days!

Phase II: Bring on divisions/departments

  • As you have started with immediate business success in Phase I, start the process to rollout to new divisions, departments, and or even by commodity. We can guide you in recommendations on how to conduct this rollout.
  • Customers have brought on other groups within a couple of weeks of Phase I, after they have been trained and business processes were ironed out.

Phase III: Layer on different business flows and integrations

  • Now that you have brought on a variety of groups within the system, the next phase is to layer on the more complex business processes and also any integrations that you may want to incorporate with 3rd party systems

Coupa will work with you to tailor the implementation as you see fit for your organization. Based on our hundreds of Coupa implementations, the best strategy to make you the HERO, is to show immediate business value!

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