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Phase 3: Configure


It's during the configuration phase where the power of the Coupa platform really starts to shine. All the configuring you need to do for your business requirements are done via the administration area in Coupa. Everything that the implementation team does to configure and set up Coupa is something you can do as well.

In fact, after we configure the system, we do hands-on training with you and your team to get you up to speed on the platform as we continue down the implementation path. We also supplement the hands-on training with exercises and access to the Coupa training site.

In most cases, we'll have already started the integration phase at this point since we don't need to wait for the full configuration to be finished before starting ERP integration and supplier enablement. It is important, however, to make sure we finish the configuration before we finish integrations. Sometimes, our customers change their business process after seeing how the system works with your existing process, and this can cause changes to integrations.


Your implementation manager will set up and configure your sandbox. The configuration is based on the information we agreed upon during the alignment phase. As we configure your sandbox, we also create a configuration document for your instance. We use the document to capture the decisions made during configuration. It's not intended for capturing specific details like data elements. We want you to understand why we configured your instance the way we did.

You can leverage the document to help train new Coupa administrators and for reference. You should keep it up to date as you make changes to your configuration.

All features that you've purchased can be configured by Coupa. Some examples include:

  • Approval workflows
  • Web forms
  • Custom fields
  • "How to buy" policies
  • "Ask an expert" categories
  • Home page content
  • Custom roles
  • Chart of account setup
  • Data security
  • Content groups
  • Expense setups (expanse management only)

As part of the configuration step we'll work with you to load as much setup data as possible into your system. Typical setup data includes:

  • Suppliers
  • Users
  • Commodities
  • GL Accounts
  • Exchange Rates
  • Approvals
  • Catalogs

If you're going to include integrations in your Coupa implementation, we suggest starting with a small subset of data (example: 500 records)

During configuration, you'll start to see the Coupa platform come to life in a way that's specific to your business process. At this time, many of our customers start to create training collateral since you can take screen shots of your specific fields and data elements.

Supplier catalogs, punchouts, and other electronic supplier capabilities are done as part of the supplier enablement step in the integration phase. Additionally, any features related to integrations or third parties are performed in the integration phase.


We believe in hands-on training, where the project team and power users get Coupa training through lab-based learning where you create transactions and work directly in the system. This gives your users the comfort level required to champion the positive change that Coupa brings. We find this to be far more effective then lecture-style training.

For your regular users, we follow a train-the-trainer approach, where your team trains your users. This tends to work better because the training sessions are naturally geared towards your company's business practices, instead of Coupa-specific questions.

The amount of Coupa-led hands-on training is dictated by the original SOW. In addition to hands-on training, we also provide:

  • Coupa documentation within your Coupa instance, and at available through
  • Web-based training that you can leverage when creating your own training
  • Training templates for end users, with lab exercises that you can customize for your implementation

We recommend that you also consider creating supplemental material like FAQs, Quick Tips, or End-to-End user videos. However, before creating a training plan, spend some time seeing how some of your end users react to using Coupa. We've seen over and over that customers tend to over-invest in training! For most users, Coupa's easy enough to use that they only need a basic email with instructions on getting started.

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