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Phase 5: Deploy


Now we are ready to being preparation to go live and start achieving some of your success goals for your Coupa implementation. At this point you will have a completely configured environment, most (if not all) of the integrations ready and suppliers enabled on your sandbox environment.

The team is raring to get started on going through their User Acceptance Testing (UAT) scripts as the next step before we move all the configurations to production.

Once this phase is complete and you are now in production with Coupa, you will start working with our Customer Success, Customer Care, and Customer Adoption teams to ensure that your usage of Coupa is driving you and your organization to Success!

During the Deploy phase, we will guide you through the following steps:

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Once your Coupa instance is configured and integrated, it's time to do end-to-end user acceptance testing. We'll work with you to fully test all business processes and data flows. Because Coupa is cloud-based SaaS, all of our customers are running the same code base. This significantly reduces the amount of UAT test scenarios you need to execute. In traditional implementations, customers would even need to test basic things such as whether the software was installed correctly, or if the database is configured correctly, Coupa bypasses all that.

Throughout the course of our hundreds of implementations, we have developed a library of UAT scripts that customers can leverage as part of this step. Your Coupa implementation manager will answer any questions and update any configurations or data in response to your testing.

You can use the UAT template to get a head start

Move to Production

When you're ready to deploy Coupa to your end users, we'll work with you on production system setup and configuration, including all the supplier setups we did as part of the on-boarding process.  It is important for us to understand your estimate initial master and daily transaction data volumes so that your prod environment is prepared for optimal performance.  We will work with you to collect that information in our operations sizing document 3-4 weeks prior to deploy.

We recommend that connections to suppliers via the Coupa Open Business Network are only done in production.

Review the the following materials before your production go-live date:

HyperCare and Transition to Customer Success

Congratulations on Going Live with Coupa! That's a great feeling to have driven Spend Management transformation at your organization.

Initially after the Go Live! step, your Implementation Manager will be your main point of contact to ensure your Success. We call this the HyperCare period, where you will have the initial set of questions from your users, and the person that you've been working with at Coupa is right there with you to help you answer those questions.

After a certain time period, your organization will be transitioned to our Customer Success team. This team consists of three different groups dedicated to the Success of our production customers. Customer Success Managers, Customer Adoption, and Customer Care. This group of highly qualified individuals will assist you with achieving your Success Metrics and supporting you throughout your time as a Coupa customer!

More information about these teams and additional information on Optimizing your Spend Management initiatives can be found in the following links:

You will also find that we have a number of best practice webinars, weekly office hours, customer meet ups, and many other customer networking and customer education events, to further drive your usage of Coupa!

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