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Coupa Success Portal

Go-Live Account Checklist

This checklist is provided to you as a sanity check to ensure that your account and related data are successfully setup as part of your transition to going live. Feel free to print this page and utilize it as you go through the checklist process.

Action Description Verified

Valid set of accounts

Do you have the correct accounts loaded as part of preparation for go live? Many customers may inadvertently load accounts that are not related to Purchase Order specific information. For example, Expenses or Payroll.


Accounting defaults

On the Chart of Accounts setup page, ensure that each segment is defaulted to the correct attribute. For example, make sure that if you have the default for segment 1 tied to the user record, that the user record has the correct default setup. If you have a segment default off of the commodity record, ensure that the commodities are setup correctly.



Double check the Bill-To information tied to your chart of accounts under Setup > Customize PO.


If you are using budgets, ensure that your budget periods and budget amounts are setup correctly in relation to your go live date.

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