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Go-Live FAQ

What data from the test environment gets transferred when I go live?

No data is transferred from test to production.  You will have clean production environment that you will need to data load and configure based on tested signed off configuration in test.

Are PunchOuts available immediately once I go live?

PunchOut set up timeline depends on your vendors and how fast they can do the set up on their side. Usually this can take up from 2-8 weeks depending on the supplier. All PunchOut and cXML testing is done on your test site. If the vendor makes the production PunchOut available before you go live with Coupa, then the PunchOut will be available in your live environment when you transition from test. Otherwise, it will be added at a later date when it becomes available by the supplier.

Can I still add and edit data once I've gone live?

As an administrator of the system you have full power to make any additions, configuration changes or deleting/inactivating any content after you go live.

Where do I go for help? Do I still contact my implementation manager for help?

Leverage the support portal at to access documentation, view videos, and log any questions or issues for our support staff to help you. Your organization employees can sign up for log-in's to gain access to this knowledge base.

We used dummy emails for users and suppliers on our test environments, do we need to update this once we go live?

You'll need to have valid emails in your live environment if you want the system to send appropriate notifications. You should updated these immediately after you go live.

I am trying to load more users, but getting an message that I have reached my maximum limit for user licenses. How can I request for more? Also, if I mark a user inactive does that free up an additional license for another user?

You have users licenses available up to the number that you purchased in the sales contract. You can buy more licenses by contacting your Coupa sales rep. When you inactivate a user that frees up a license that you can assign to another employee. System Administrator user login does not count in the number of your purchased user licenses. This login is used by Coupa support staff to help you with any questions or issues on your environment.

Why do I see draft requisitions in my system?

When a user logs into Coupa, the system will automatically create an empty requisition in the system. We don't create a new one each time they login, but create one until they use it.

For example if a user logs in the system will create a requisition number, say 53. If the user simply logs out and comes back 2 weeks later to create a requisition, they will see requisition number 53 when they hit checkout. The requisitions that can be deleted from Setup > Manage Requisitions are only the requisitions in Draft or Cart status.

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