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Coupa Success Portal

Go-Live Supplier Checklist

This checklist is provided to you as a sanity check to ensure that your supplier and related data are successfully setup as part of your transition to going live! Feel free to print this page and utilize it as you go through the checklist process.

Action Description  Verified

Supplier communication

On the supplier record, do you have the correct email address in place and transmission method? Prompt vs. email, etc. You want your suppliers to receive your orders on day one. During your implementation phase, most customers put in fake email addresses or put the transmission method to Prompt to avoid sending information to the suppliers.


Supplier status

Are all the suppliers you want to start transacting with in a Active status?


Additional information

On the supplier record on the bottom is a section of Additional information. Double check your default payment terms, shipping terms, other common settings. Most of these should have already been set as part of your data load on your test environment, so this should really just be a spot check.


Supplier contracts

If you are using our contract piece, make sure your contract dates are all in the future, otherwise if you have content associated with those supplier and contract combinations, they will not be available for your users, if the contract end date has passed.


Punchout, cXML POs and invoicing

If you are using electronic integration with your suppliers, you and your Coupa implementation manager, probably tested this on your test environment first. As part of going live this information should be updated by your implementation manager. It's always a good idea to double check the settings to make sure you are pointing to the production servers of your suppliers.

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