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Go-Live System Checklist

Use this detailed checklist as general guidelines/steps to follow as part of the move to production process. For high level focus areas please see below.

Action Description Verified

Validate setup and configuration data in your production environment

When Coupa moves your data to production, we move over functional data such as users, suppliers, catalogs and other configured areas. Test transactions such as requisitions, purchase orders and invoices do not get moved into the production environment.


Check the starting PO number

Coupa allows you to specify a starting number for all your purchase orders. This can be set by letting your implementation manager know before you create your first purchase order.


Notify users

Typically on your test environment, the user email addresses are fake, in order to avoid sending test emails to your users. Once you deploy, you should update them to the user's actual email addresses. In order for the system to send your users an email to setup their passwords, download all the users from your new production system. Then mark the column "generate password and notify user" with a value of yes and reload the users. The system will then send them a welcome notification, letting them know about the system and how they can set their password.


Move over integration routines to production

If you are integrating with a third party system, make sure to update the integration codes to reference the new production environment. It will have a new URL and API key.


Update your home page content

Update the home page content to let people know that it's your production system.


Setup Dashboards & Benchmarks

One of the value adds of Coupa's platform is the real time analytics and benchmarking capabilities. The benchmarks are not active on test environments, so you'll need to set them up under Setup > Dashboard Controls. You can also click on the Reports tab to get started.

Since this is an opt-in program, your Coupa Implementation manager is not allowed to set them up on your behalf.

Coupa Supplier Network

The Coupa Supplier Network is not available on your test environment. When you are on your production environment, you will see two additional sub-tabs under Suppliers. They will allow you to connect with your suppliers through the Coupa Supplier Network.

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