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Coupa Success Portal Coupa Community Forum

The Coupa Community Forum

The Coupa Community is an online resource for customers and partners to interact with each other and with Coupa.

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Coupa training offers customer and partner elarning, certifications, and continuous learning events.

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Coupa User Groups

At our events, you can connect with peers and Coupa experts to share ideas, learn about new features, and explore tips and tricks to help you get the most from your Coupa platform.

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Our goal is to get you enabled and integrated with your customers on Coupa, with as little impact to you and your customer’s business.

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Release Management

Learn about release schedules, maintenance windows, and how to know what's coming.

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Your Coupa Success Team

The Coupa Success Team consists of our Customer Value Managers, Customer Adoption Managers, and the Coupa Support Team.

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At Coupa, success begins by creating a relationship based on trust. To help earn your trust, some of the standards that we certify with include AICPA SOC I and SOC II, PCI, and ISO27001.

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