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Commodity Import


The commodity import process reads files from the ./Incoming/Commodity/ in the SFTP. These files will be moved to the archive folder located at ./Incoming/Archive/Commodity/ before being processed in alpha-numeric order.

Name is the key.

Commodity columns 

Column Name Description Req'd Unique Type Allowable Values
Name* The name of the commodity TRUE TRUE string(255) any
ID This is the unique identifier (database ID) Coupa assigns when a new record is created. It can’t be modified, but can be used to update the record.        
Active* If the commodity is active or not TRUE FALSE boolean true, false
Parent commodity The name of the Parent Commodity. Can also be left blank if this commodity is not a child. FALSE FALSE integer(11) any
Deductibility Deductibility FALSE FALSE string(255) fully_deductible, partially_deductible, not_deductible
Category Category FALSE FALSE string(255) goods, services, monetary, others
Subcategory Subcategory FALSE FALSE string(255) raw_materials, investment_goods, services_exceptions
Acct GL Account (for defaulting) FALSE FALSE string(1024) any
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