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Coupa Success Portal


Menu, Notifications, Help

When you log in for the first time, you are greeted by the Help Tour on the Home screen.

Click on the Help link in the top-right corner of the page to access the Online Help or to view the Help Tour any time.

Click on the Notifications link to see your system notifications.

To change your account settings, set notification preferences, or log out, click on your name.

Main Menu

To access a CSP function, click on the relevant tab on the main menu. 

Menu Item Description
Home You can view and improve your public company profile, see the list of customers you are connected to, and edit your customer-specific company profile. You can also merge accounts.
Profile You can create, modify, and manage your public and customer-specific profiles, and specify which remit-to addresses each customer can use.
Orders You can see the purchase orders you received from your customers.
Service/Time Sheets You can see the list of service/time sheets and related purchase order lines.
ASN Advance Ship Notice. You can send notifications about when you ship items to your customers.
Invoices You can create and manage invoices to send to your customers.
Catalogs You can create and manage customer-specific catalogs.
Admin You can manage users, merge requests, and remit-to addresses. You can set up electronic invoicing and add fiscal representatives, you can view and accept the terms of use, and set preferred accelerated payment terms.


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