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Coupa Success Portal


How much does it cost to join the CSP?

Coupa doesn't charge suppliers to use the CSP.

Where do I register for the CSP?

You can request an invitation to join the CSP. Ask your customer to send you an invitation email or visit

Where do I sign in to the CSP?

How do I cancel my CSP account?

If you're no longer doing business with the customer who set you up on the CSP, ask the customer to make you inactive in the system.

What do I do if I am locked out of the CSP?

Using two-factor authentication protects you against fraud. See Enabling or Disabling Two-Factor Authentication for more info.

If you don't have your six-digit backup validation code, contact your customer who will ask you to fill in a declaration form and provide either a copy of your photo ID or passport or your CSP login email to verify your identify.

Why don't I get the password reset emails?

Check your spam/junk email folder.

Why do I get the "unauthorized or expired account" error?

Your customer has probably deactivated a setting on their end. Contact your customer to find out if this was intentional. ask them to check your supplier record or your supplier user in the system. If they can't solve the problem, they can contact Coupa support.

What do I do if I receive the "We're sorry, but something went wrong" error?

Contact your customer and ask them to open a support ticket because something is wrong on their end with a configuration or an update that they need to resolve with Coupa support.

How can I log in if I forgot my two-factor authentication code?

Use Google Authenticator or your backup codes. If you don't have them, contact your customer. See Logging in with Two-Factor Authentication for more info.

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